Camp Policies

Camp Structure

View a recommended breakdown of how educational summer camp can be structured.

Personnel and Responsibilities

Operating summer camp is a team effort. Program Directors, Summer Staff, Interns, and Volunteers all work together to create a safe and fun experience where campers can feel accepted, successful, and energized.

Preparation Timeline

View a recommended timeline checklist to prepare for a successful educational summer camp.

Ordering & Organizing Camp Materials

Developing a system to order and organize materials needed to operate summer camp.


Code of Conduct, Professional Expectations, and Confidentiality

View sample policies regarding employee expectations, training, dress code, and confidentiality.

Behavior Management

View sample policies regarding how an organization might effectively approach camper behavior management.

Security and Safety Procedures

The most important responsibility of all staff is the safety of campers, volunteers, and colleagues. These samples include a safety plan, releasing campers to caregivers, if there is a displaced camper, emergency procedures, and additional safety guidelines.

Health Procedures

Sample procedures for administering medication and general first aid practices.


Transportation Standards

Sample procedures for safely transporting registered campers to and from home or on field trips.


Food Services

Sample food and meal ordering, prep, distribution, and clean-up procedures.


Customer Relations

Sample service philosophy policy and customer service tips.


Services and Mandates

Sample language regarding mandated reporting.


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