Camp 101

during camp

step 1: pre-camp


Tips and best practices for acquiring funding to operate affordable programs for children and youth.

Camp Policies

Sample policies and procedures for operating a successful educational summer camp.

Camp Schedule

Plan your summer camp activities+ with our spreadsheet tool (IP)

Camper Registration

Sample registration form language & templates

Human Resource Management

Sample staff and volunteer recruitment, hiring, onboarding, and training materials


step 2: during camp

Daily & Weekly Checklists

Sample checklists to ensure camp is running smoothly 


Collecting testimonials, measuring academic & social-emotional growth, and tracking attendance

Educational Best Practices

Formal and informal check-ins, people management best practices


step 3: post-camp

Data Management

Sample registration form language & templates

Exit Interviews

Sample registration form language & templates

Staff Appreciation

End the summer with staff rewards and a big celebration!

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